Washington D.C. shoots are always different than the rest as we usually start our day pretty early in the morning before there is lot of crowd.  This was definitely one of the most planned shoots we have done in D.C. as we were not only able to cover 3 locations in one shoot with 3 different outfits but we could spend some incredible time with Zahra and Sunjay whose love story is just as sweet as they are.


We started our day at Lincoln Memorial which is definitely a landmark for sunrise in District of Columbia, the capital.  Usually people start showing up early in the morning to see the beautiful sun rise and we all were there on time around 6 a.m. on this chilly fall morning.  We got some stunning silhouette shots as it was dark when we started and followed it with some cute images of the couple with their special tree at this place where Sunjay actually proposed Zahra and surprised her with a ring, aren’t they just too cute.

We then moved to another location in the city which is Meridian Hill.  It was our first time here and it was something the couple found as they were local to the city and knew the place pretty well.  This place had beautiful architecture with waterfall in the background and the lovely blue flowy dress which Zahra wore complemented so well with it.  We got some lovely romantic pictures at this location along with some of their singles and of course an epic shot in the end as always.


Lastly, we went to Union Market which had a beautiful market place along with an eatery where we all refreshed a little bit from our early morning wakeup calls and celebrated our day with some shots J.  Moving on, we got some cool shots with beautiful murals which were all over that place and then moved on to the roof which was something newly done and had an amazing spot where we could enjoy some time playing cornhole and getting some unique photographs with the flags of their favorite football college teams along with the cute letters of their initials gifted by their friends.  Overall, we ended the day with a nice lunch with the couple at the cafeteria there and we just couldn’t thank them enough for such an outstanding shoot and we all just cannot wait for their upcoming wedding in 2020 which will be just as fun-filled as this bewildering engagement session.



Name | Zahra & Sunjay
Date | November 1, 2019
Location | Lincoln Memorial, Meridian Hill, Union MarketWashington, D.C.
Photography |Regal Palette Studio: Melissa & Chari

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01: Hire a Planner / Coordinator


Ask any bride and most will say that having someone help coordinate your wedding day was one of the best decisions they've made. Family and friends are a great alternative, yet having someone that is laser focused on what you envisioned and planned can be lost with loved ones.


"People do not truly recognize the value of being surrounded by experienced, competent, kind, and adaptable individuals on a day that is bound to be chaotic, stressful, and unpredictable until they experience it themselves." ~~Shruti

02: Keep Your Normal Life Style


Do not change your daily habits just because your wedding is approaching, such as over working yourself, trying new beauty products and strenuous workouts for the weeks leading up to your wedding. The last thing you want is an allergic reaction or a sore body.


"If you're looking for flawless skin during your wedding, I would recommend beginning a proper skincare regimen at least 4-6 months before your wedding. I made the mistake of testing various products about 6 weeks in advance and didn't see much of a difference." ~~Khushabhu
Indian Wedding Photography - Red & Green Trisha & Neel's Reception

03: Take Lots of Photos


Make a list of photos you specifically want throughout the day and provide it to your photographer. Think about the combination of poses, locations and the people who are most important to you. These are some of the only tangible memories you'll take away from your dream wedding, so put some thought into this as you plan your day.


"Looking back, I wish we took time to take more photos...I realized I didn't have photos with some of my closest friends! It was hard to recall on the day of who I did and didn't take photos with, so letting the photographer know ahead of time would have been helpful." ~~Gina

04: Eat


Remember to step back from the drinking and dancing to take a few moments to enjoy your specially crafted dinner on your big day. You, more than probably, spent countless hours on at food tasting and money on the food that will be served to you and your guests. Last thing you want is to faint from lack of nutrition on your day of celebration.


"I got so caught up in greeting my guests and being on the dance floor that I didn't even have a second to sit down and have dinner!" ~~Henna

05: Be Different


Don't be afraid to break from small traditions and step outside the box. Your wedding day does not have to be cookie cutter so get creative and put your own magical touch into your wedding day.


"It's important to focus on what you want and not what others want. We have a big family and had a lot of differing opinions but we made sure to ultimately stay strong and steer towards the direction of doing things the way we wanted it done." ~~Shilpa
Indian Wedding Photography - Varsha & Sagar's Engagement Session

06: It's Not Always Perfect


There will be glitches during your big day and that's okay. Having 100-300+ guests, 7+ vendors, and 2 or more intricate events; there are chances things won't always go according to plan. More likely than not you're the only one who knows of the 'plan'. To everyone else, nothing would even seem to have gone wrong. So, breathe, don't let any minor mishap get under your skin during your big day.


"We had a few minor hiccups on the morning of my wedding day due to reasons beyond anyone's control. I let it bother me all morning and in retrospect I wish I had just been in the moment and enjoyed getting ready instead of fussing about minor details." ~~Nidhi
Engagement Session New Jersey Indian Wedding Photography

07: Soak It In


Step away with your lovely new husband for a second and watch your wedding from a distance. Take in all the love in that room..


"The best part was walking into the event spaces and being able to just take a moment and enjoy it." ~~Anjani


Photography & Cinematography

New York \ New Jersey \ Philadelphia \ Maryland \ Washington D.C. \ Virginia

Ahmedabad, Gujarat