Longwood Gardens Fountains

Signature Edits

We take great pride in our ability to produce commercial-art level work for our clients unlike any other photography studio in our market. Our Signature Edits have won 4 International Image Competitions, which are judged by top magazine editors, artists and legendary photographers from over the all over the world. The fact we have such great clients to let us explore our creative sides at each event gives us the ability to create these amazing images.


Our lead editor (Hershey) has spent over 12 years in the world of art and editing. Giving all of our images consistency, but boosts are Signature Edits to another level. Many of these images take any where from 2-5 hours to perfect and have them ready to submit to our clients and international print competitions. This alone would show you the amount of time, effort and focus we put into each of our client's projects. It's not just about adding a filter, but it takes years of understanding color science to perfect bring together a unique look.

Engagement Session UVA
Longwood Garden Engagement Session
Engagement Session New Jersey
Rose & Josh In front of Church
Longwood Gardens Engagement After

Sydney Opera House