How We Edit Your Photographs

Professional Color Correction
(Level 1)

After we are done selecting the best images from event we custom color correct every image that will be delivered. At this stage we take in to account all the aspect to RAW Digital File Procession, where we adjust the Highlights, Shadows, Contrast, Exposure, etc. We do this for every image that is part of your project.

Level 1 – Editing

Professional Retouching Services
(Level 2)

The next level of edits are done for every image that you'll select for your albums or print products. This is where we go a bit further and clean up stray hairs, blemishes, skin smoothing, etc. We also use professional retouching techniques such as Frequency Separation to clean skin color. Custom Dodge & Burn (D&B) is used to sculpt the faces. Each image can take up to 20-30 minutes to edit, but this the level of service you should expect from your photographer these days. Anything less, should be unacceptable.

Level 2 – Editing

Signature Edits
(Level 3)

The last level will leave your friends & family speechless. We are probably only 2% of photographers on the East Coast that go to this level of editing. Mainly because each image can take 3-5 hours to perfect. Every aspect of the image is carefully planned when we shoot and carefully editing in post production. We believe in storying telling, but we also believe in showcasing art and Signature Edits are our way of showcasing our Art, Talent and Level of Editing that is beyond many in the industry.

Level 3 – Editing