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Our photography is about capturing 'Moments', because moments are fleeting, they tell stories, and they showcase love. It's about capturing the beauty of the day, emotions of happy tears and endless amount of joy. Our experience and dedication to focus on telling stories sets us apart, because in the end these moments we capture will be remembered for years to come.


Engagement Sessions is our first chance to get to know you and we spend countless hours refining exactly to each of our client's vision, style and ideas. We develop these sessions around having fun all while capturing some stunning images. Our Editing is what sets us apart from many, so this is where we get to make your friends jealous with our Signature Edits. You can expect us to bring the same level of energy & creativity for your wedding day and these sessions truly are priceless for that reason.


Our films are an extension of our photography. Creating a cinematic look with creative lighting and storytelling. We have learned one of the most important thing: these moments gradually fade over time, while pictures express feeling, films allow you to relive them over and over again. Through our films you can relive the words that brought you tears and laughter, the sound that made you dance and movement of your dress. We developed our teams to work so seamlessly together on a wedding day, because team work matters.

"To us, storytelling is about the art of observation. Finding something interesting in a person or a place... and then emphasizing on that element that makes them unique.

Real quotes from our Brides!

"They captured our special weekend with unique and creative shots and videos!"

Regal Palette Studio was the best decision we made. They made the entire process easy and fun. Their vision behind the lens is second to none. They captured our special weekend with unique and creative shots and videos! They went from being our vendors to friends! They did a perfect job and we highly recommend Regal Palette for any event. If you want to hire a photographer it should definitely be behind the lens of regal palette studio. Hershey and Ronak are the best in the business!

- Radha & Kishan

"Our parents were so impressed with how well they managed our crazy families"

I couldn’t imagine having a better team! We went through so much with COVID and Regal really was there and supportive throughout the whole process. They took so much stress off my shoulders. They were always available and remained in constant communication leading up to the event. The day of the event was exactly on schedule. Our parents were so impressed with how well they managed our crazy families and were able to capture us and our natural emotions. Even having just met us, they really were able to make us feel comfortable and get pictures that showed us laughing.

- Toral & Ravi

"RPS is not just a vendor...their clients like lifelong friends."

RPS is not just a vendor; this group of individuals treats their clients like lifelong friends. We met Hershey and Ronak a few years back and we instantly clicked with them. They have been a text or phone call away ever since and that goes for even after our services have been long completed. I commend them on their kindness, flexibility and of course work. If you are looking for a vendor to not only meet your expectations but exceed them, you are in the right place...

- Disha & Shil

""Any time you need them they will answer you right away"

Regal palettes went above and beyond to make our day perfect by capturing every moment. The whole team is very flexible when it came to our pre wedding shoot. Hershey, Chari & Ronak are good friends now and not just our wedding photographers. I would definitely recommend them for your wedding or any event to be honest they will not disappoint you. Any time you need them they will answer you right away and get your any answers you need....

- Sarika & Jaymin

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"Wedding Photography has gone through many trends over the past decade. We’ve seen color manipulation to photoshopped dinosaurs chasing bridal parties. Awkward poses, unflattering angles and bad lighting are a tell-tell signs of inexperienced photographers. We totally understand the modern bride has to weed through so much just to find the right photographer(s) with the ability to capture their special day without it becoming dated within a few months to years. How does a bride ensure she will receive images that will be different from everything they’ve seen, but not a gimmick or overly edited photograph? How will you know the photographer you choose will make you look good, tell your wedding story and show the happiness of the day? As wedding photographers with over 10 years of experience we’ve seen it all, yet we’ve stuck to one key rule… each couple has a unique wedding story and we focus on that and nothing else.


Our Goal
Make sure your wedding photos capture the essence and the emotions of your wedding day from stunning portraits to incredible moments between you and your loved ones. We know the core foundations that not only make for great photography, but also incredible experience for you and your family. Through expert guidance, fashion-cinematic inspired lighting and incredible storytelling… our goal is to make you look your very best. We created this style of cinematic photography that is focusing on you, your family and the most important day of your life.


Our Guarantee
Our Images have won 5 International Photography competitions and awards since 2017. We work hard in making great images and always look to improve our technique and strengthen our fundamental to always achieve higher goals. With our experience in the wedding industry for 10+ years, with photographers that know their cameras & lighting, and with expert editors that know how to bring out the best colors… you are guaranteed to have the BEST Images from this award winning team.


Our Philosophy
We believe that wedding portraiture ought to stand the test of time. In other words, your photos should not look cheesy in five to ten years. Our photos are a blend of movement, lighting and storytelling to create a unique piece of art for your wedding album or decor for your home walls. We do not compromise on the ‘Client-Experience’ where as we believe in putting our client’s needs first over ours. We believe in having fun, getting the best images, and keeping our clients well informed from start to finish with great communication and prompt responses."


Photography & Cinematography

Regal Palette Studio is an Award-Winning Wedding Photography & Cinematography studio based in the North East America. We have traveled for destination weddings & sessions around the world from India to the Caribbean. Our team is made up with talented storytellers that have years of experience to be able to turn your vision into creative art. Our love for storytelling and wedding experience are the key reasons for why we do so many more events than any other in the North East.


Weddings are filled with colors, emotions, and endless amount of joy and happiness. Our motto is about capturing those key moments and allow for our clients to enjoy them for years to come.


Our approach and style is focused around bringing a cinematic modern style with a fusion of dramatic fashion photography. We allow for the moments to unfold in front of our lenses and at times give proper directions to give those authentic moments to unfold in proper lighting and locations throughout the day.

Three Styles of Photography

Regal Palette Studio is not just like any other wedding photography studio. We focus on combining all 3 styles of photography, which means to incorporate movement and fashion-inspired posing and lighting that truly sets our work apart from others. It also means, your wedding will stand out and be unique from anyone else’s. We are inspired by art and fashion, so the images we really enjoy capturing will leave you and your friends speechless, because these images are treated with precision editing and color grading. Our creations are not mere photographs, but world-class art with a blend of traditional & creative photojournalism styles with a hint of modern cinematic flare.


We have won 5 International Photographic Competitions for our work, so you can be assured the images we will provide from your wedding will be nothing less than what you can expect from a world-class wedding photographer. We guarantee our clients a variety of styles and have shot weddings all around the world with using the 3 styles of photography below.

If you love seeing the emotions and laughter of the wedding day, then you'll relate deeply with our ability to capture the 'Moment' and the micro expressions throughout the wedding day. Each of our team-members are trained to focus on the small details that make up the wedding day... emotions, laughter, tears, and happiness which makes each wedding different.
This is our Signature Style of editing that is uniquely ours. It is a blend of vibrant colors, cinematic inspired lighting and a deep dramatic look to bring together the subject and the environment. It is a style of edits that Regal Palette Studio has perfected over many years of studying fine art and usage of modern tools. The results are meant to evoke drama and capture the mind in this master editor's unique imagination.
As wedding photographers we often don't have the option of shooting in the most ideal locations. We have the experience of using natural light where possible and artificial light sources to make those traditional photos look clean yet speak to the soul. We like to make our family portraits feel a bit warmer with more hugs and kisses, yet vibrant enough to allow the families to be silly too.

The Regal Palette Experience


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We can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the final product. We spend endless hours in perfecting your images and films with our very experienced editing team. Our focus on the day is to find creative ways to tell a unique story from getting ready to the final send-off.



Our ‘Local’ area spans from Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland to Philadelphia, New Jersey & New York. We are conveniently located Delaware right in between the two of the largest metropolitan areas within the United States. We have traveled all across the country for destination sessions and weddings.



The ‘Client-Experience’ doesn’t end on your wedding day when it comes with our service. We setup multiple calls and zoom calls to work on finalizing your wedding albums and wedding films. We share our screens and work directly side-by-side on making major changes to your final product.

Our Local Service Areas

Washington DC | Maryland | Virginia
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As DMV Wedding Photographers our goal is to provide our clients with unique photography that they will cherish forever.
If you are looking to get married at any of the amazing wedding venues in the DMV area, you will want to make sure that your day is captured in a way that is memorable. Incredible venues such as BWI Marriott, Gaylord National Resort, Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner, Westfields Marriott Dulles, & Fox Chase Manor.

Philadelphia | Delaware
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Our wedding & cinematography studio is based out of Philadelphia & Delaware. If you are getting married at any incredible locations in and near the city of the brotherly-love, then we'd be an amazing option for your big day.


We've done weddings at many Downtown Philadelphia venues, such as the Marriott & Crystal Ballroom and we have also done weddings at the Chase Center & Dover Downs in Delaware.

New Jersey | New York
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Our regular stomping grounds during the wedding season, New Jersey & New York is our 2nd home.


If you are looking to get married at any of the amazing wedding venues in the Central & North Jersey area, you will want to make sure that your day is captured by the top vendor of NJ and NYC. We are regulars at Hanover Marriott, Sheraton Parsippany, Sheraton Mahwah, Legacy Castle, Hilton Parsippany, Princeton Hyatt, Marigold, and Bridgewater Marriott, just to name a few.


Wedding Photography & Cinematography

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