Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do your prices start at?

For Photography, our Indian Wedding pricing start out at $6,000 for a full 16 hour coverage.  And our Western-Styled Weddings start out at $3,750 for a full 10 hour coverage.

For Cinematography, our Indian Wedding pricing start out at $5,500 for a full 16 hour coverage.  And our Western-Styled Weddings start out at $3,450 for a full 10 hour coverage.

We are based out of Philadelphia, PA and travel around the country, so our pricing will change depending on where you are getting married.  Please fill out our form below… it’s not hard at all to get a quote for your wedding, today!

What do your collections include?

Our collections for both Photography & Cinematography have many variations and are finely tailored for the modern-bride.  Although services such as Engagement Sessions & Intro-Videos are included, it would probably be best to setup a meeting to discuss the details or each collection to find out which best suits your needs.

What is required to book with us?

We only request a retainer of 20% for individual services and 30% for both Photography & Cinematography.  We do give the option to break-up the payments any way you would like for the remaining balance.  The balance will be due 30 days prior to your first event.

Will you give us directions when posing us?

Not many of our clients come to us knowing how to pose or what to wear during our shoots.  We take much of our inspiration from fashion industry, so you will see much of our work to resemble modern trends.  With a careful eye for details, we will coach and position our clients that will bring out their personalities.  Our jobs as professional photographers & cinematographers is to make your final products beautiful.  This all starts at the engagement sessions where you can get comfortable in front of our cameras.

What is an Intro-Video?

During the Engagement Session our cinematography team will work with our clients in creating a short-film to introduce them for the “First Time As Husband & Wife!”  The film with be fully scripted by our client to show the colors of their personality and love for each other prior to entering their reception hall.  Or it can be used to post over social media to start off the wedding week.

Where can we see full weddings?

You can check out our Blog, Albums Page (coming soon), and our Film Room (coming soon).  We try to keep our Blog up to date much-as-possible during the wedding season.  Yet come join our 1,000+ Instagram followers or Facebook Fans.

What is our post-production process like?

We have a Projects page where you can see the progress of our current projects in post-production.  Each of our clients will receive a personal link to their specific project which will give them a clear insight of exactly what is being done for their individual project.  All active projects are updated every Monday.

What makes us different?

Regal Palette Studio was created to provide our clients with 3 very specific reasons:

  1. Provide our clients with incredible art work from photographs to cinematic films.  Allowing our clients to display the art in their homes and viewed on any devices.
  2. Thorough wedding coverage with 3 or more cameramen for both Photography & Cinematography to give us multiple opportunities and angles to be creative with our final products.
  3. An excellent client experience from start to finish [PERIOD].

Come find our how we will ensure you are in the right hands with Regal Palette Studio!