About Us

Our Vision

We put a great emphasis on capturing few major parts of any wedding day.  Our goal for each wedding is for our bride and groom to have a collection of images that tells their wedding story.  The love and memories shared between two families coming together.  Afterall, a wedding isn’t about the day itself, but the journey it took to get to this day.  It’s about the family and friends that took part in their lives over the months and years prior.  Our focus is about capturing those memories and allowing for day to unfold in front of our cameras.

Our Story

Roank & Hershey started Regal Palette Studio in 2017 after working for another studio for over 4 years.  After years of working together they set out to form a new company with bigger expectations of themselves.  Each week the expectations are set higher for each of them and the team of talented photographers & cinematographers.  Our clients are assured they are bound to get the highest quality of work in the industry.  In 2019, Chari slowly started to take over for Ronak as he pursues few other life goals.  Yet all three are going to be a big part in Regal Palette Studio for years to come.  In 2020, we are expanding once more… Niraj will be our operating manager in our India Branch.

Over the last 3 years we have been the fastest growing studio in North East USA.  With over 100 wedding booked.  We have 4 Lead Photographers, 3 Lead Cinematographers, 3 Video Editors & 2 Photo Editors.  While still expanding to India in 2020 with another team of photographers & cinematographers.  The reason for this growth… Our Clients.  With over 90% referrals from our past clients and other vendors we are always expanding our staff of very talented artists.


I have recently moved here from India after getting married.  I had a passion for the arts and fashion since I was a very young girl.  I have an obsession with shoes and designer bags, which girl doesn't.  My life revolves around our 2 kids and the third one  is on the way.  If you call in, you'll probably talk to me, because I'm the whole operation behind this business.  We just give Hershey a camera so he feels special :).  My whole concept for our company is all of our clients to feel completely assured we'd make their dreams come true.  I will setup a group chat with each of our clients, so we can have a quick responsive discussion through the process.  There is a project status link to each project we are involved giving all of us a holistic overview and the most update status.  I update the links once a week usually on Mondays, but I'm always available via our group chats, too.

When I was young you'd probably find me stetching or drawing landscapes and portraits.  Althought I've lost touch with that side of me... I have been using my spare time in creating art through my camera.  I've been taking photographs for over 10 years now and barely know how I really got into it.  Two of my favorite images I've taken recently have won me awards in print competitions (one of which is our home screen image).  I take a lot of pride in planning the shoots for my wedding couples or senior sessions.  I love to visualize some of the odd locations we go out to for some shoots.  It's those non-typical locations that makes the best photos.  Although Charishma handles all of business side of this... I'm highly involved in our group chats.  This is where we work on opening up all of our creative ideas to bring out the best of our clients and us.