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Our job is to freeze a moment & show how rich reality really is...

We put a great emphasis on capturing few major parts of any wedding day. Deliver a collection of amazing images that tells our couple's wedding story. We believe the love and memories shared between two families coming together is the most important part of the wedding day. Capturing those endless moments of laughter and tears tell a better story than any words ever will.
We spend endless hours perfecting those very special moments. If you are expecting to be stunned, then you've come to the right place. Our team of talented photographers & cinematographers with years of experience in the wedding industry know exactly how to leave you in awe through our photographs & films.




Wedding PHotography & Cinematography

Meet The Team

Wedding Photographer


Position: Co-Owner & Photography Director

Experience: 12 Years as a Wedding Photographer

Fav. Food: Taco Bell, #8 Minus Beef on Everything.

Fav. Sport: Football - Philadelphia Eagles

Fav. Movie/Show: Black Hawk Down

Passtime: iPhone Games (Rumble Stars)

Latest Shoot

"My love for photography started way back before I first held a camera. I was always a student of art. Seeing light, shadows and how colors blend. As a kid, I had many sketch books and spent hours drawing buildings and landscapes. Now I spend hours perfecting light, shadows in camera and mix color digitally... Once a student of art, always a student of art."

Wedding Cinematographer


Position: Lead & Cinematography

Experience: 7 Years as a Wedding Cinematographer

Fav. Food: Pizza w/ layer of crushed red pepper

Fav. Sport: Basketball & Football

Fav. Movie/Show: The Dark Knight & The Office

Passtime: Partying
Latest Edit

"I love seeing life through the lens of my camera. There is just something so immaculate and beautiful about the frames, lights, shadows and shapes. How light reflects from the surfaces, how the movements and motion blend into an untold story before I click record. And then I capture it. Capturing all these memorable moments isn’t just heartwarming to the couples in front of the camera, it’s also unforgettable to me. Cinematography is Life!"
Wedding Photographer


Position: Co-Owner & Communication Director

Experience: 3 Years as a Wedding Photographer

Fav. Food: Masala Dosa w/ Spice Level "XXX Hot"

Fav. Store: Anthropologie, Zara, Pottery Barn...

Fav. Movie/Show: DDLJ & Game of Thrones

Passtime: Cooking

Latest Shoot

"Photography is a release for me that keeps my mind away from all the hassles in daily life. I have always cherished the little things in life, so thats where my focus lies when I'm behind the camera. Each week is a challenge with meeting new people, seeing new places and to keep progressing in my new career. Photography has brought me purpose and closer to the love of my life as we explore the world together."
Wedding Cinematographer


Position: Lead Cinematographer

Experience: 10 Years as a Wedding Cinematographer

Fav. Food: Taco Bell & Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Fav. Sport: Football - Philadelphia Eagles

Fav. Movie/Show: Star Wars

Passtime: Cruising on my Motorcycle

Latest Edit

"My love with media started when I was 15. I would go with my father in the summer as his assistant shooter. I would be in charge of getting B-Roll Videos and candid photos. Who knew that the summer job would turn into a lifelong obsession. If you were to ask me then what I wanted to do with my life, you will get the same answer as I would give you today. Shoot and capture littles moments of everyday life and present them in unique light not noticed or realized."
Wedding Photographer


Position: Lead Photographer

Experience: 8 Years as a Wedding Photographer

Fav. Food: Homemade Chicken Francaise

Fav. Store: ASOS, Urban Outfitters

Fav. Movie/Show: Working Girl

Passtime: Listening to amazing music

Latest Shoot

Early on in life I’ve always had an eye for photography and design, a passion I naturally gravitated to. Though I never imagined turning this into a career path, yet I was able to improve when given the opportunity. When I first started, I handled the editing and design portion of the studio. It took a few years to master the use of the camera, and eventually blossomed into the photographer I am today."
Wedding Cinematographer


Position: Lead Cinematographer

Experience: 5 Years as a Wedding Cinematographer

Fav. Food: Pavings Bahji & Dosa

Fav. Sport: Cricket & Volleyball

Fav. Movie/Show: Fast & Furious, Avengers, Race...

Passtime: Call of Duty / Games

Latest Edit

"When I moved to the US my cousin I went on small hiking trips where we took photos & videos of nature. While he captured photographs I focused on movements of anything I can find to tell a story of our little trip. I learned how to capture sound, create short stories and editing those many years ago. Now I focus on capturing the laughter, tears and many emotions of a wedding day to tell their story."
Wedding Photographer


Position: Lead Photographer

Experience: 5 Years as a Wedding Photographer

Fav. Food: Mediterranean

Fav. Sport: Football - LA Rams

Fav. Movie: Blood Diamond

Passtime: Working Out

Latest Shoot

“Photography was something I never had in mind 6 years ago. At first it about meeting up with photographers and selling them equipment. As I started to evolve and learned from the amazing photographers, this became a drug for me. Early on I started to do smaller events, but for the past 5 years I've been a Full-Time Wedding & Portrait photographer."


Photography & Cinematography

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