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Three Styles of Photography

Regal Palette Studio is not just like any other wedding photography studio. We focus on combining all 3 styles of photography, which means to incorporate movement and fashion-inspired posing and lighting that truly sets our work apart from others. It also means, your wedding will stand out and be unique from anyone else’s. We are inspired by art and fashion, so the images we really enjoy capturing will leave you and your friends speechless, because these images are treated with precision editing and color grading. Our creations are not mere photographs, but world-class art with a blend of traditional & creative photojournalism styles with a hint of modern cinematic flare.


We have won 5 International Photographic Competitions for our work, so you can be assured the images we will provide from your wedding will be nothing less than what you can expect from a world-class wedding photographer. We guarantee our clients a variety of styles and have shot weddings all around the world with using the 3 styles of photography below.

If you love seeing the emotions and laughter of the wedding day, then you'll relate deeply with our ability to capture the 'Moment' and the micro expressions throughout the wedding day. Each of our team-members are trained to focus on the small details that make up the wedding day... emotions, laughter, tears, and happiness which makes each wedding different.
This is our Signature Style of editing that is uniquely ours. It is a blend of vibrant colors, cinematic inspired lighting and a deep dramatic look to bring together the subject and the environment. It is a style of edits that Regal Palette Studio has perfected over many years of studying fine art and usage of modern tools. The results are meant to evoke drama and capture the mind in this master editor's unique imagination.
As wedding photographers we often don't have the option of shooting in the most ideal locations. We have the experience of using natural light where possible and artificial light sources to make those traditional photos look clean yet speak to the soul. We like to make our family portraits feel a bit warmer with more hugs and kisses, yet vibrant enough to allow the families to be silly too.


Wedding Photography & Cinematography

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